52 Nia Moves

The Fifty-Two Nia Moves
Nia has the following 52 moves that are included in Nia routines
allowing participants to move all the various joints and muscles in the body.

Click on the moves that appear blue to go to my blog where there is a description on how to do the move. Some moves have more than one post!

In The Nia Technique Book the description of the moves begins on page 108.


The Base

1. Heel Lead
2. Whole Foot
3. Ball of the Foot
4. Relevé
5. Rock Around the Clock
6. Squish Walk
7. Duck Walk
8. Toes In, Out, Parallel

9. Closed Stance
10. Open Stance
11. “A” Stance
12. Riding (Sumo) Stance
13. Bow Stance
14. Cat Stance

15. Sink and Pivot Table Wipe
16. Stepping Back onto the Ball of Your Foot
17. Cross Front
18. Cross Behind
19. Traveling in Directions
20. Lateral Traveling
21. Cha-Cha-Cha
22. Slow Clock
23. Fast Clock

24. Front Kick
25. Side Kick
26. Back Kick
27. Knee Sweep


The Core

28. Pelvic Circles
29. Hip Bumps

30. Chest Isolations
31. Shimmy
32. Undulation
33. Spinal Roll

34. Head and Eye Movements

The Upper Extremities

35. Blocks
36. Punches
37. Elbow Strikes

38. Touching
39. Fist
40. Pumps
41. Strikes
42. Chop Cut
43. Webbed Spaces
44. Palm Directions

45. Finger Extensions
46. Finger Flicks
47. Creepy Crawlers
48. Spear Fingers
49. Catching Flies
50. Claw Hand
51. Power Finger Crossover
52. Balance Finger


All of these moves are described and pictured in The Nia Technique book. You can purchase the book through NiaNow.com. Or you may contact me 408-564-2649 / terre@helpyouwell.com if you have questions.


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