Raw Applesauce

Raw Applesauce

This is a quick, delicious, and HEALTHY applesauce that hasn’t been cooked (which destroys enzymes!). I use the skin, but remove the seeds because I can taste them in the applesauce:

Two whole apples (thoroughly washed and seeds removed)
The juice of half of a lemon*
Cinnamon to taste
Dates (I use 3-6 depending on the sweetness of the apple)

*If you are going to eat all of the applesauce right away, you can use 1/2 of a lemon peeled (there are bioflavanoids in the seeds and white pith), but if you are going to store this, use juice only. Citrus seeds and pith are not bitter when consumed right after blending, but turn bitter over time (I’d consume before 1/2 an hour has elapsed to prevent bitterness from developing).

At home I like to put the apples into the freezer before I make applesauce – not so long that they freeze – just long enough that they are VERY COLD! This is because they tend to heat up as they are blending in the Vita-Mix. Place apples into Vita-Mix whole. Add the other ingredients and then mix on high (using tamper vigorously – this is a great “anger management” recipe). Pound the apples hard, pushing them into the blades until they turn into applesauce. After it turns into “sauce”, I usually blend on variable speed 5-6 for 10-20 additional seconds to be sure that I’m producing a nice, smooth applesauce.

This recipe is full of healthy fiber, alkalizing + Vitamin C-giving lemon juice, and the enzymes have not been destroyed by cooking! If you add some water, maple syrup, and more dates it will become runnier and sweeter and you can run the Vitamix on High until it is a hot fruit syrup! If you don’t add water, but add more dates, and blend until it is hot – it becomes very much like a hot apple butter!

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